Yesterday was great. More details to follow.
It was so great we were there until about 7pm.
SO we missed our evening invitation (so sorry S!).
I made Notes from the Trenches Crack Dip for dinner.
At about 8.30.
A sensation.
Watched 9pm fireworks on TV.
Saw local fireworks from the street.
Fell asleep in Jasper’s bed at around 10ish.

And am still in a FILTHY BAD MOOD.

Joke once told me – when I was similarly presenting in a foul state of mind – to go and cook yummy stuff as cooking yummy stuff will save my life. So once I finish CLEANING, vacuuming (and mum’s), hanging out MORE WASHING and cooking MORE MEALS for THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD I am off to the kitchen to do some serious baking.

Happy New Year.