I’ll show you mine if you tell me what’s in yours


The whole intention of this post was to say that I have never EVER in.my.life. had a bedside table.
In that as a kid I had a pretty circular table with a table cloth and on top sat various detritus depending on my age, but never EVER a table with drawers.
So you know what?
I have no idea what to put in them.
Two delightfully deep drawers.
I’m sure if I was Kim Cattrall or if my life even remotely resembled something on Sex and the City there’d be a range of stimulating electronic gadgets and perhaps a few tubes of lubricating ah moisturisers.
But as I have four children who make it their business to know everything coupled with the current Siberia reality of Chef and my conjugal anythings it is neither appropriate or indeed even in the house at all.
So people.
Oh grown-ups of the world.
What’s in your bedside table?

OK, so photos of the new Ode to Ikea will be posted… when I find the camera.
Dudes, this house resembles more that of one being moved into than one already inhabited.
With all of us away for some part of the last few days there are so many bags of swimming gear, clothes, crappe that I don’t really know where to begin.
I’m almost pretty sure there are benches in my kitchen I just can’t locate them at the moment.
To get to my laptop I just walked over a rolled up rug, vacuum cleaner, baby bouncer, empty drink bottle, discarded breast pad and empty carboard boxes.
Our bedroom resembles a storage facility but people, I have a chest.of.drawers.
A p.r.o.p.e.r. chest of drawers.
Joy oh joyous of joys.
They don’t even have the Ikea wobble.
I have also decided that the wire basket units will be kept in rotation and put to use holding the boys homework books, colouring in books, paper, craft and wrapping materials (I know, despite my craft allergies I still have this sort of s.t.u.f.f.).
Because the cardboard box they’re living in at the moment really makes my neck itch.

So there is much industry going on around here.
Which, you know, makes more mess before less.
So hi ho hi ho
Off I go.