Good day bad day

I wonder if everyone else’s day rides the rollercoaster mine does – good moments peppered with the bad and well let’s face it, the downright ugly.

Today –
Glorious in that we hung out with some of our best friends who have just returned from two years in the UK.
Wonderful in that I (finally) made cinnamon scrolls once more, this time with a caramel glaze full of pecans and dried cherries.
Amazing in that Grover is almost pulling himself to standing and attempting to climb stairs. (G’AH!)
Hideous in its humidity.
Tiresome with a two year old in the process of dropping his day sleep.
Disappointing in a moment of people not being thoughtful and considerate of others (ie me). That it related to a meal just made me fume. It’s silly now and not worth the energy it would take to type it and try and explain it, but it just made me very sad.
Annoying in the fact I had a headache. Yet again.