fast, slow, full, empty, too much, nothing at all

So yesterday I totally over-committed and then dropped the bundle, missing what was meant to be the best part of the day – drinks with E and M, in Aus briefly for a wedding and who had called in the day before for some smooching of the Grovemeister.

My MIL had offered to take Jasper so I could do something with the bigger boys. The choice as to what we did was theirs so it involved swimming (and DIVING off a FREAKIN‘ bouncy board into a very very deep dive pool) at our local aquatic centre (where mum used to take us as kids and hasn’t changed AT.ALL.) AND a movie AND then up to the inlaws for an early dinner (and swim) and then home, to drop boys off, get them settled and then head out to drinks by 8pm.


Grover cracked it and took HOURS to settle.
Jasper may well have spent a while with a crack pipe with the grandparents as to just how wired he was
and it was all still game on at 8pm.
No drinks.
The pity-party lasted a little while… until I fell asleep in Jasper’s bed.

And I KNOW I KNOW – the over-commitment thing. Bad. Stupid.


So today I did nothing*.


I do believe I saw Coco giving Charlie a head job today.

Yes, that probably was a little bit of vomit you tasted in your mouth.

To clear your mind of that hideous image…

The journey to solids.

Anything off a spoon – except avocado – is frowned upon.
Banana is a big hit.
Cruskits seem to cure all whinging ills.
Last night he had some pieces of a rissole and cheese.
Just little pieces.
Not mashed.
Not pureed.
And tonight, just cut up pieces of pasta.
Taken with a big wide mouth and the kicking legs of excitement.

Tomorrow I take the boys to my Dad and SM’s and have a sleepover.
They’re inland and south west.
It was 36C there today.
About 7 degrees hotter than it was here, beside the sea, with ocean breezes.
While it will be lovely to hang out somewhere other than here, g’ah! to the heat.

* except all the compulsories like washing, changing nappies and feeding children.