True believer

I went and saw Keating the musical tonight.
It was witty and clever and funny and so much more than I had ever anticipated.
And Bob Hawke was in the audience.
With Blanche.
He was looking very brown and she very thin.
But being in the same room with a past Prime Minister at a musical about the Prime Minister who ousted him was like a big bowl of lemony icing. Just damn fine. (It was pretty hilarious seeing Terry Serio who impersonates Bob in the first half and John Howard in the second realise that Bob was in the audience – he went up to him and had a chat when they were taking their second curtain call)

Great lines:
My heart’s in peril, Cheryl ( a love song serenade between Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot)
Like being flogged by warm lettuce (referring to John Hewson)

Favourite song:
the Alexander Downer piece, replete with stilettos, stockings and boned bodice was absolutely hilarious
Who’s da leader? I’m da leader

Fabulous. Just fabulous.