The aftermath

I fear I will never get to the bottom of all the PILES OF CRAP littering our house.
Every meal is a MEAL, if you get my drift.
So many plates and cups and JUST USE THE SAME GLASS FOR TWO DRINKS already.
And having Chef home making 2 LITRES of ice cream every day isn’t helping.

There’s a load of washing I’ve now had to wash THREE times. One of my goals today is to HANG OUT THE FREAKING WASHING.

That said, tomorrow is my MIL’s birthday and we’re I’m cooking an Indian FEAST for the whole fam this evening. Made from scratch:

  • Butter chicken – not your creamy pink crapola from the bain marie, but thigh fillets marinated in a spice blend of coriander seeds, cloves, cardamom pods, tumeric and chilli then cooked in a sauce laden with slow-cooked onions, garlic, ginger, green chilli peppers and then a more than GENEROUS heaving dollop of cream and butter.
  • Lamb Roganjosh – think lamb shanks marinated in yoghurt then mixed with slow-cooked onions, garlic, ginger, tumeric and then SLOW ROASTED in a low oven for SEVEN HOURS overnight. The meat just melted off the bone this morning and it tastes deliciously complex and comforting all at the same time.
  • Baked paneer – homemade paneer cheese (that’s right – HOME MADE) marinated in yoghurt, saffron, green chillies and then baked until golden.
  • Lentil and split pea dahl – a new dish to the repertoire that is about to be made.

I do a seriously sublime fish curry, but to be honest I just can’t quite muster the energy to go to the fish shop to get the fillets, so it’s been sacrificed for the baked paneer.

My SIL is bringing bread and condiments.

Dessert – because clearly we’re all going to be STARVING – will be a trio of homemade ice-cream (vanilla, honey with hazlenut praline, chocolate) with mango and butterscotch sauces.

It will be all of Chef’s family, who I love and adore.
There will be a level of FOOLISH consumption of sparkling shiraz and wine.