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Ok, so my mid-day pity party yesterday was well and truly over when we arrived at Chef’s restaurant to find my dearest friends from uni, mother’s group and work all sitting around the table talking to each other, munching on delicious bits and bobs on antipasto platters, bruschetta and salt and pepper squid with alcohol already flowing.
Yes we were late to my own party.
I tried to make Grover feed quickly but there you go.
It was a wonderful night filled with laughter, stories, awesome food and a few bottles of sparkling shiraz.
The cherry on top was the presence of some very dear friends who had only just returned to Australia after spending two years in the UK.
I even got presents.
I felt very loved and very special.

I think it’s what has buoyed me through today on just three hours of sleep.
That and a birthday brunch for me at Chef’s parents.
As is always held for each family member on their birthday.

Written by allconsuming

December 9th, 2007 at 5:19 pm