OK, so I’ve had a cry.
I had a freak out that the ham we received was not the type we paid for.
I’ve contemplated ringing everyone to cancel tomorrow.

Chef is home.
The cut on his leg ulcerated as it was on top of the other scar that doesn’t have good circulation.
He has an appt at the plastic surgery dressing clinic on Monday.
I’ll just slot him in after taking mum to physio.

Can you all hear the internal scream?

Tomorrow’s menu:
dips and cheeses

glazed ham
homemade tomato relish and onion marmalade
tomato and bocconcini salad

cheese blintzes (not particularly Christmassy but I thought my Jewish SM would like it)
special Daring Bakers challenge dessert that is a big FAT secret until tomorrow

rhubarb schnapps