It has just taken me a couple of hours to wash the walls and skirting boards in our hallway. It is official. I don’t live with humans but pack animals who would probably be quite happy to eat where they…
The littlest chap is just motoring. He crawls around the entire backroom area now, under tables, to back doors, behind the lounge, in the kitchen. When he wakes up he crawls to the end of his cot and waits for someone to appear at the door. He’s also reaching upwards and starting to sit a lot more. It amazes me each and every day.
There is a list as long as an A4 page of jobs to do today. We’re about half way through it. I suspect the rest will take to Wednesday.

Horizontal paling fencing is to the noughties what cement rendering was to the 90s.

I’m just saying.


Jasper is still pointing to the sky waiting for the rest of it to fall in.