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I’ve started this post about three times now and it just doesn’t read right.
All stilted.
Trying to be funny but coming across more grrrr.

We’re two nights into the creation of Jasper and Grover’s room (as there is Oscar and Felix’s room) and it is going remarkably well in that Jasper is sleeping through Grover’s waking.

At least someone is.

See, there’s the grrrr.

I’m just so freakin’ tired. Last night was 1am, 4am, and 5am.
The night before I actually got SIX hours unbroken sleep and that was a first in about 12 weeks. The normal night is a wake-up at 12, 3,4 and 5.
I know I need to be doing something about it.
Not getting the mammaries out as a starting point.
But I know that there shall be much crying and wailing.
And people, this little guy is the smiliest, happiest little sprogget and I just can’t do it to him.
And yes, I know how EFFING STUPID that sounds.

And I can feel this post going the way of the others before it. So instead, some pictures:

More Thomas the Effing Engine:

So how do you get your son to finally cut his hair short after refusing to do so for two years?

One word.

or simply put…


I had been threatening – in a loving caring way mind you – that the feral rats nest mop full head of ever-longer hair was going to have to come off.

Then the last few weeks days there had been so much scratching of the scalp. To the point last week even Felix said, ‘I think I have nits’.
I reassured him he didn’t as I routinely look through my kids’ hair as I am a chimp quite partial to any surface with picking potential.
Then yesterday we went to the zoo and it was so hot and there was so much scratching I just came over all parental and said that was it and the hair was coming off.
And when I went to cut it there THEY were.


Grossest of the grosses.

Needless to say this is our FIRST ever encounter with the nit.

I’m now fairly convinced I have them as I can’t stop scratching.

Anyway, while I KNOW I only needed to wash his pillow slip, all bedding of both big boys has been washed today.

What I want to know is why the stunning animals verge on extinction, the filthy little nit lives on long and strong?

Yesterday we had a whole family outing.
It meant calling out the big guns of the HUMMER of a stroller. The one I never take anywhere because it’s too wide, too big, too everything for anywhere in the developed world. Except the zoo*.
Which really says a LOT.

We went here. (CUE: gratuitous showing off of a typical Sydney summer’s day from the ZOO)
Yes, while Sydney’s zoo has a wonderful view, it comes because the zoo is built into a CLIFF FACE. Which means very steep CLIFFS to walk up and down. I’ve documented my hatred of the zoo before and if I was in a better mood I’d link you back to those posts but I’m not. So there.

But I have to admit it was fun.
We went as a family with our friends the Ds.
The kids were fantastic. Keeping each other in check, never running off, not whinging and just adding to the whole lovely experience.

For the Jasper boy it was his first zoo visit that meant anything. He was IN HEAVEN.

Zebras freak me out in an almost similar way to clowns, but that’s for another day.

Scenes from the Indian FEAST:
My homemade paneer, which I marinated in youghurt, coriander, green chilli and then baked. OMG. SO GOOD.
The slow roasted lamb shank roganjosh and the lentil and split pea dahl. I realise now that photographed Indian food looks a lot like vomit. Sorry about that.
the table:
Tomorrow my birth mother, H, turns 50.
We’re going to see her and spend the day with her (my?) family.
We haven’t seen each other in some time.
I keep saying it isn’t intentional, but I think that’s like when people say ‘I don’t mean to be rude but…’
I do know that I have probably held back from keeping in regular contact with H because we live with Mum, who just comes unhinged in the most ‘I’m fine’ unhinged imaginable when I even mention H’s name.
Which is interesting in and of itself as she adores my birth father, his wife and their kids and who curiously I see a lot more of than I have H.
I can’t wait.
Tomorrow night we’re having dinner at a friend’s place who we haven’t seen in about a year.
She’s organised a jumping castle for the kids.
A good day looms.

* and walks… which was the real reason I got it as even though Oscar was of an age he could have walked/scootered or ridden a bike he couldn’t so I needed a double stroller for him and Felix that could hold an older child.

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December 30th, 2007 at 3:25 pm