So today I got up, fed four children, hung out a load of washing, made lunches for two children, sent one to school with his grandmama and took the other three to Oscar’s speech lesson by 8am.
A normal Monday morning.
Oscar was dropped at school and then the remaining troops and I went to the shops.
All Christmas shopping is now complete except for the containers for spice mixes, labels for jars and clear cellophane packages for biscuits and shortbread.
Where do I even find those things.
And don’t tell me I have to go to hell Spotlight because that place gives me the heebyjeebies.
All those women.
Talking in metres.
Holding patterns for skirts that will definitely make their arse look big.
And rows and rows of wool in hideous colours and varying horror levels of scratchyness.


Then we came home.
Grover fed and to bed.
Jasper playing.
Lawns mowed – front and back.
Three loads of washing bought in, sorted and put away.
Back in the car to pick up the bigger boys.
Stop and pick up some afternoon treats at service station as a VERY BIG treat after getting Felix but before Oscar.
Stop at butchers and pick up a piece of sirloin for dinner.
Home for sneakers and toilet run.
Run inside with meat and marinate it. Meat in fridge. Realise we have no rice.
Back in the car to tennis.
Grover fed in back of the brick with wheels.
Jasper roaming grounds of local high school where tennis is held.
Follow him across paddock playing field to tick farm agricultural plot.
Watch a ram ram some poor school kid fair in the nuts.
But not.
Jasper laughed and kept re-enacting the event.
While pimply school boy tried to hide his agony and humiliation.
All done in that kind of rain that is big heavy drops but not drenching.
Back in the car.
Offload all the offspring.
Back in the car to supermarket to get rice.

Get into supermarket.
Nice song playing.
Feel myself slowing down.
Wander the aisles enjoying the solitude for the briefest of moments.
That weird boy who never stops talking is on registers hassling some other boy on the register next to him who has just been to Surfers for Schoolies Week.
Kid gets so sick of weird boy hassling him he just walks away.

Get home.
Dinner on – meat in THE best kitchen appliance of the moment – my teflon benchtop ridged sandwich press/meat searer that I’d hardly ever used until I started WW and needed to significantly reduce our oil /fat intake and now I heart it. Hard.
Rice on.
Make the sauce.
Corn on.
Snow peas and asparagus prepped for their briefest of dousings.
Meat rested.
Children all showered or bathed.
Dinner eaten.
Clean up.

House now silent as all children in bed and Chef having fallen asleep in Jasper’s room putting him to bed.