I wore NON-pregnancy related clothing to carni-central (aka Luna Park) today.
More importantly, I wore JEANS. J.E.A.N.S.
Granted, there was more a ploughman’s loaf than muffin top, but my arse and legs looked hot.
Granted they have left the equivalent of the Grand Canyon of crevices in my skin but they were actually relatively comfortable.

I’m so wearing them when I.go.out.to.dinner.with.friends. tonight.

You heard me.
A social event.
In the city.
At an awesome restaurant.
With some witty, crazy, good eating big drinkers.
I’m so excited I’m even going to shower for it.

I only teared up about four times. (my big boys just seemed so grown up, all these kids and families with special needs having a morning for them and these kids being so.so.excited)
We went on the dodgem cars s.i.x. times.
I went on the Wild Mouse with Felix twice. There’s photographic evidence. I look like Jabba the Hut. I’m ever so pleased this photo is going to get passed around Felix’s class for news this week.

I’m off to vote.