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After a long, hard, sweaty walk with two little boys in the behemoth of a double jogging (stop laughing) stroller and two stupid dogs, the two boys were sleeping. I dropped the effing dogs off at home and kept going down to the supermarket to capitalise on the captive sleeping audience and maximise the work-off of the previous night’s pork frenzy. On the way home, Grover woke, so rather than plodding on we stopped at this benchseat beside the lake which is nicely shaded. Jasper woke and so as I sat there feeding Grover, Jasper chased ducks and played with reeds on the lakes edge.
Felix telling me tonight that when he was a grown up he was going to build his own house and that he’d already designed it. It has three floors. There seemed to be an awfully large number of slippery dips. For his kids he said. The bedrooms were on the top floor and all the other stuff was on the middle floor and each floor had at at least one toilet but probably two. The first floor was below the ground and there was a big play room which had an inbuilt trampoline and massive slide. When i commented on what an awesome house it would be for his kids he said, in the coolest voice a seven year old can muster, “yeah, all the other kids are going to be blown away by their house”. Oh, it’ll also have an AFL field.

* The first in an occasional series of celebrating the everday.

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November 12th, 2007 at 10:27 pm

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