Firstly a thank you to Joke for giving me my new byline over at Boombalardy:
Getting hot from the ankles up

Secondly – WOOOOO fucking HOOOOO on the election outcome. It was beyond my wildest unspoken hopes. It is more than I ever dared speak of. Now Kevin, just don’t fuck it up…

Thirdly – is everyone else as gobsmacked as I am that Howard may have lost his seat as well?

Fourthly – to the international readership – Australia’s new Prime Minster – Kevin Rudd.

We’ll just call him Big Kev for the moment.

I want to start taking bets on when we’ll see the first headline incorporating “Rudderless” or his deputy, Julie Guillard being “up to the gills” in something. Bets I tell you.

Considering the Senate will still be dominated by Liberals for the next six months, I suspect the Rudderless jibe will be wheeled out by Christmas and if not then, definitely early in the New Year.

Fifthly – I know! FIFTHLY – I went out to dinner with friends wearing make-up and with product in my hair (my hair looked hot by the way… so Joke maybe I’m getting hot from both ends). I felt fantastic because my hair smelt nice. So easy to please. But get this, the only part of my outfit that was maternity wear was my bra. Granted, dinner was with six (SIX!) gay guys (all farkin‘ hot I tells ya), my friend from past employ and a couple who have a daughter two weeks older than Grover (who they had with them, they’re first time parents) but the gorgeous gay boys told me I looked fantastic and for some reason, coming from them, it counted even more. Go figure. Don’t get me wrong I still have OVER twenty effing kilos to lose, but tonight, well tonight was a victory on so many fronts.