I’m gripped by indecision.
To post another artery-cloying chocolate recipe or something a little bit lighter for the hips in my Nod to Nigella NaBloPoMo month today.
We’re having a strange bout of cold weather (it’s about 18C, has been grey and overcast with the occasional shower and blowing a gale) and I’ve had a hankering for making something like a cornish pastie but Nigella’s calls for using lard (GAG) something I’ve never cooked with and don’t really have much desire to. I also have some beef casserole in the freezer that would be perfect for the filling – with some added potato and mustard powder.
So this stream of consciousness has led to this – today will be a Nod to Nigella as opposed to an Ode. In that she has provided the inspiration but I have used what I have at hand.