Idol ruminations – big band night

So it was big band night.
Carl Crooner Riseley came out swingin’ and I was heard saying ‘you know what, this guy may very well take it out this year’.
But that said, I think he performed well but it wasn’t of blown-away calibre.
AND what is with all the guys doing this weird hand movement that the rest of us use when denoting a woman with big jugs?



Animal was appalling. He’ll probably be in the final two.




The guy can sing but his performances were really underwhelming tonight. He has this arrogant swagger about him that is going to lose him votes fast.




TiNatalie Gauci-Arena came out as a bumble bee and had that earnestness about her that is really really irritating. You know what I mean, when they do the wide-eyed thing that is meant to mean they really mean what they’re singing but merely translates to ‘is it over yet?’ That said, man can she sing and she did big band really really well. It was almost Bette Midler calibre and I never ever would have pitted her there. The second song was SO.MUCH.BETTER (as was the outfit) and I have a feeling the final two may be her and Carl.

I know!

In other weekend news:

– the two bigger boys went to my Dad and SM’s and had a lovely time. I just chilled with the two little guys yesterday and marvelled at how freakin’ easy it is when you halve your parenting, particularly when you’re left with the two where one is happy with a bowl of risoni tossed in extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper for dinner and the other one is still solely breastfed.

– Speaking of the littlest guy, he was four months on Friday (I KNOW) and look at where we’re at already:
That’s right. We’ve mastered rolling so we’re straight into crawling. We’re up on all fours and we’re pulling legs forward in alternate movements. We’re FREAKING ME OUT.

– Because I only had the two of them, yesterday I decided to brave the SMH Pyrmont Growers Markets for the first time in about three years. The last time I went it was so crowded with latte swilling silverbacks from the Eastern suburbs and diligent basket weavers from the inner west I could almost feel myself morphing into a Jewish princess and a Buddhist Greens voter all at the same time. I don’t do crowds well and that was one crowd best left to themselves.

So naturally when I had a weird notion of free time I headed straight back there. We were in the car by 7.40am. It was raining. I did fleetingly think ‘what are you doing?’ but just pushed it to the side when the thought of being at home all day with the little guys buzzed up in neons as the alternative. And look, it was OK. It drizzled the entire time but I think this kept the crowd to a bearable size. Jasper (who I woke up to go on this adventure!) was in perhaps the best mood he’d been in for oh, the previous 36 hours as he is still by and large the happiest kid in the world. But people, he just loved the whole novelty. In his pram! out with mum and the baybeeeee! in the rain! all these people! something else yummy thrust into my hand! He sang little songs to himself and whoever was standing around him when I’d just abandon him slightly away from a stall so as not to cause crowd carnage the entire time. I walked away with:
– magnificent pork products from artisan breeders of a rare pig breed including a rolled de-boned shoulder, some shoulder chops and pork and fennel sausages (which were sublime)
– saltbush lamb backstraps and easy carve lamb leg
– stunning goats cheese rolled in ash and curd
– luscious fresh produce including beetroot for a relish, rhubarb for my favourit compote de jour, baby fennel and leeks that went into a lovely light spring vegetable soup I made yesterday afternoon which also marked the first time I’ve cooked with saffron and people it actually did add a complexity and depth of flavour I always thought was a complete wank when I heard all these tv chefs going on about it and some more mesclun
– dainty sweet Portuguese custard tarts (which Jasper ate. With his finger digging the custard out. Leaving the pastry, which I figure is the best bit, being a pastry chick and all) and a lemon tart for me and an apricot one for mum
– a loaf of Sonoma’s infamous roast garlic bread
– litres and litres of unhomogenised milk direct from the dairy, which Chef is going gaga over. I drink grey water skim and don’t really do dairy unless it’s custard or cream served with cake so the whole ‘you can really taste the difference’ is totally wasted on me.
Loot indeed.


Today featured the almost two hour drive to my Dad and SM’s to pick up the boys. A good run there. Then Grover fussed the entire visit and did some really impressive cottage cheese chunders all over me.

Then Jasper had the biggest tantrum meltdown brain freeze in quite some time and screamed and yelled and cried for over half and hour and did two poos during the visit. So he really did have the shits. BOOM TISH!

It’s always challenging because they own three dogs who are their children but who only tolerate children at best and one of them – the little one resembling a rat and which I have to almost restrain my legs so as not to intentionally see how far I could kick it – would actively seek out and bite/nip/attack you so I don’t really relax with the two littlest of our guys – nor can I put Grover down (I forgot to take his play rug) as there are dogs and or their hair everywhere.

And then Grover basically screamed the entire trip home.

For almost two hours.

And everytime he’d stop Jasper would yell sing and it’d all start up again.