Idol ruminations – and then there were three

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So we’re down to this:

The balladrear:
TiNatalie Gauci-Arena. Granted, she has really grown on me over recent weeks, but the wide-eyed Young Talent Time I’m-singing-my-little-heart is just so wearing. You just know she’s not going to be a Missy Higgins or even a Delta, but more Australia’s answer to Celine Dion. Just add thighs. You know, big ballads, weird career choices. Big in Japan. Or maybe Italy.
Believe it or not (because yes, my musical background is so sound I am well versed to pass judgement. Cough. Blink. Blinkblinkblink.) I really liked her first song and was a bit oh, so that wasn’t good? when the judges indicated as such. (Repeat: blinkblinkblink)
She also looked good. But that didn’t last long. Once the anklet boots were on and the pants were rolled up it was game.over. for me.


The boychild:
Matt I’ve got this in the bag Corby. I think he peaked early and the notorious Australian attention span has moved from “wow, this guy is good” to “bored now” pretty swiftly. I’m also a bit over the stovepipe jeans, winkle-picker boots and ladies tops preferably from Supre.
He sang well. I think everyone just presumes he’ll win so maybe he’ll go due to our national badge we wear with pride “we’re apathetic and we don’t really care”.



The crooner:
Carl I’m trying to be the Australian answer to Michael Buble Riseley. Who’d a thunk it. I mean, I liked him from the start – for the whole dear in headlights vulnerability. When he came on stage in some hideous patterned shirt from Lowes with an old man bowls hat and sang Waltzing Matilda and actually pulled it off, I just decided he was a nice guy and if I did vote I would maybe vote for him, just for that fact alone. And here he is.



I think it’ll come down to being Matt and then a showdown between TiNatalie and Carl. I just have this feeling in my waters it will be a big shock and the final two will be Carl and TiNatalie. But then what do I know. I thought Ben would be in this final mix and he was ousted weeks ago.

Almost there folks.

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November 12th, 2007 at 7:32 pm