Can’t sleep

am too nervy about tomorrow. So some random thoughts for you all.
This whole deliciously deceptive thing with Jerry Seinfeld’s wife is shitting me. I saw her on Oprah very briefly the other day and my first thought was “who is this Charlotte impersonator on Oprah” then saw all these gloriously smooth purees of vegetables being hidden in other foods and it was all a revelation with all these stupid women in the audience clapping AT NOTHING.
Sometimes if I catch a bit of Oprah I can’t actually hear anything that’s going on because I’m trying to work out what’s going on with her hair.
I know this isn’t my weightloss blog, but some decent anxiety attacks and (I think) a tummy bug means I’ve lost 5.8kgs.
My jeans might fit by 2010 at this rate.
I made six cakes today for the school’s cake stall tomorrow. When I dropped them off this afternoon they were so appreciative. There was such a pathetic contribution from the school community that I’m trying to work out how I could whip up a few batches of brownies and even some lamingtons (for the first time ever) between now and 8am tomorrow.
We’re going to Luna Park tomorrow. Oscar got an invite through some charity thing. Boys are so excited. Going over like a bucket of cold sick with me. Am trying to feign excitement but am just stoked it starts early and is over by 11. Can come home and shower hard to get rid of all those carnie germs.
Am such an ungrateful bitch.
In dropping off cakes at school got to talk to special needs coordinator about Oscar and aide ‘issue’, which is only an issue because I’ve made it one IN.MY.HEAD. All is good. Well as good as it can be with a public education system continually falling back on theory and practice that is THIRTY GODDAMN YEARS out of date when it comes to kids with special needs.
One day will be in position to instigate change at a macro level for these kids. One day.
Maybe I’ll run for the Senate.
Open letter to Australian commercial TV programmers,
Please explain to me why it seems logical to you to stream “LIVE! FROM THE US!” episodes of some dumb-arse hocus pocus series and some other CSI type show around numbers but not the latest America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway. WHY WHY WHY???
Girls names I would have loved to have used:

weird that Matilda and Eliza don’t make the cut and yet they were the ones topping our list for a DECADE of breeding that has now come to a close.

and some boys ones… because we all know if there had been one final try for a girl we would have ended up with twin boys:

Yes, its on both lists.
In the last three days Grover’s tasted yoghurt, mango, stewed apple and pears and pumpkin. Most of them because he’s dived on them and others because I keep kind of forgetting he doesn’t eat solids yet and just keep offering them to him. Today I gave him a toast finger as I was cutting it up for Jasper.
Must remember, baby doesn’t eat yet.
Bec’s new niece was born this week and is missing a toe. It seems such a strange thing to be missing. But I keep getting visions of Uma Thurman in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and somehow just get this feeling this girl is going to have some serious spunk.
Think of all the people you know with some quirky little physical quirk about them. They all rock. They have wicked senses of humour or an incredible aptitude for something. A friend of mine has a third nipple. And yes, it lactacted when she had her babies.
Now that is just plain weird.
But how we laughed and laughed about it together.
And talk about the best party trick EVAH.
Anyway, I want to scoop this new little girl up and whisper in her ear to take no prisoners as she takes on this world as only someone with nine toes can.
Feeling weirded out that I don’t even know them but feel connected to them.
It’s 1am, I’m going to attempt sleep.