A small tirade if you will

So the Sydney magazine came out today with The Sydney Morning Herald. A big glossy broad-paged magazine that comes out once a month with all things Sydney. Apparently. It is so frickin’ Easter Suburbs it shits me to tears. So pretentious. Eugh. Anyway, today it featured a review of Ripples at Chowder Bay. This is the THIRD review of this place in a SMH publication (the first was in Spectrum, the second in Good Living and now this one) in as many months.

This shits me to tears for two main reasons:
1. There are LOADS of places to eat in Sydney’s north and on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that NEVER get a guernsey
2. The following scenario recently played out in this house when I rang them to make a booking for brunch to celebrate my mother’s birthday:
[cue telephone ringing sound effect]
Me: Hello, I’d like to make a booking for breakfast on Sunday, 7 October
Ripples staff member: Oh, we don’t take bookings for breakfast
Me: Oh, OK. Well you might like to note it down that there’ll be ten of us at around 10am with a few small children as well.
RSM (chuckling in that patronising ‘patrons are so dumb’ kinda way): Oh ma’am, we seat 140* and get a lot of big groups, you’ll be fine.

Fast forward to the morning in question at 10am:
Navigate very steep, very old (the kind that National Trust members call ‘charming’) sandstone stairs with a stroller (nowhere on their website indicates this).
Wait to be seated.
Me: Hi, there’s eight of us
RSM: Oh I’m sorry, we’re closed for breakfast.
Me (mouth agape, surveying tables of people eating breakfast): Wha?
RSM: We’re full and not taking any more tables for breakfast.
Me: but I rang… they said…
RSM: Yeah, well unfortunately we’re full and not taking any more people for the breakfast menu.

We had people that had come in different cars from various corners of Sydney.
The ‘private dining room’ it advertisers on its site was empty.
There was a table in the centre of the outdoor decking area but no chairs around it.
It’s is a destination restaurant, not like you can walk the strip and choose somewhere else.
Then the whole fact I had rung but had been given absolutely no indication this scenario could possibly eventuate – I mean, who ends breakfast service at 10???
No apology whatsoever. NONE. Z.e.r.o. ZIP.

* There was so not 140 people there.

So for those of you not living in Sydney and for whom this means nothing, as you were.
For those of you in Sydney, do not go there and if you do I do not want to know about it.