On Sunday we (choose to) give thanks

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This post was almost a ‘things that currently make my neck itch’ post. Because people? There are many many things currently making my neck itch. A lot.
But as I am saying as my mantra at the moment ‘is this really how you want to be?’
So instead, things I give thanks for:
– the early morning sun and how its light falls across my kitchen
– Fuel bakery fruit bread w/ Paesanella ricotta, a drizzle of honey from the Murray district and a smattering of cinnamon
– that in the oven is some rhubarb, finely grated orange and sugar having a slow moody party to compote land
– the thought of the rhubarb, cold and radiant in its ruby glory on porridge tomorrow. Or warm with Jalna’s bush honey yoghurt in about half an hour.

I could come over all sentimental on what my kids are doing. But they’re watching torturing my mother’s soul Spongebob, playing with swords, still sleeping (after being up half the night) and crawling backwards across the floor to under the lounge.

Written by allconsuming

October 28th, 2007 at 8:52 am