It’s a wrap

Somehow this week became Felix’s week, in that he determined what we were going to have for dinner each night of the week.
See. This is when I know these children really are mine.
Very particular.
Liking of a list.
Very partial to been very anal.

Sunday featured tandoori chicken w/ cucumber raita, tomato ‘salad’ and rice
Monday was more chicken (whoops, at least it was free range – the poor man’s organic) – this time a whole roasted bird with a fantastic stuffing with potatoe and sweet potato ‘chips’
Tuesday was Vietnamese rice paper rolls w/ soy chicken and bbq duck from BBQ Kitchen in Chinatown, which Chef collected on his way home. There was a minor segue to China as I remembered I had some Peking Duck pancakes in the freezer and a new jar of hoisin sauce in the cupboard. Yum,
Tonight was leftovers of the chicken and duck and julienned vegetables rolled into sushi rolls. I also made some udon noodle soup.
But are you noticing the theme? I’m starting to feel like the Chef off The Muppets. We roll it, roll it and roll it some more.
I’m drawing the line at TexMex.