Oh dudes, it has been a powerhouse over here.
I have been in the kitchen what seems like 24/7 for the last three days.
Firstly, it’s been a festival of the Jasper – family dinner celebrations on Friday (lasagne and a Thomas the Effing Engine cake – photos will come when I’m less exhausted); morning tea yesterday (scones and banana choc bread) and a lunch today (make your own hamburgers – homemade beef and chicken rissoles to choose from, a sensational salad of puy lentils w/ spanish onion, tomatoes, feta, mint and lime, another cake, this time a coffee streusel cake)
Secondly I’ve been preparing for the stall, which I now will probably have to pull out from doing as Chef is now doing dinners on Friday nights. Even though I had a whole discussion with him about how I couldn’t do the stall on my own as I’d have to feed Grover in there somewhere and the whole setting up thing, running a stall and packing up thing w/ four kids on my own between the hours of 5pm and 8pm on a Friday evening was a really dumb idea and he was all ‘no no no because I’ll be there to help’ so I said yes I’d do it and then this morning when I said, ‘so are you now working this Friday night’ he was all defensive and ‘yes’ and we haven’t really spoken to each other since.
But preparations have included producing a bumper batch of nana’s tomato relish, my ever popular onion marmalade and pickled onions (one batch in white wine vinegar the other in red wine vinegar).
I’m plum tuckered out as ‘they’ say.