Idol ruminations – sixth final song from the year you’re born

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Otherwise ways to make Kim feel really really old.

All these people born in the 80s. G’ah.
And 90s. G’AH.

** LIVE **

Oh peoples, I had a feeling in my waters tonight was going to be a bit of a fizzer and what a mixed bag it’s throwing our way.

Ben sang something I can’t remember. I actually thought he was showing an edgier side but he couldn’t really maintain it and the my balls haven’t broken tonalities returned. That said, it was still pretty darn good.

And then Marcia got mad. And I sorta thought, yeah!

Even if she was channeling a mango blamange.



So Marty Simpson sang Crowded House in reggae.





Oh surprise surprise surprise. TiNatalie GaucArena came out and sang a balladrear. And low, it was bad. And dreary. Endless love? Endless long warbly notes while staring earnestly down the camera lens.

And in a phrase I’ve heard my mother utter way too many times as I step out from a change room, she looked like a sack of potatoes.

Seriously Idol Wardrobe Dressers, YOU’RE KILLING THE POOR GIRL.


Carl Crooner Riseley sang something (I forgot he’d been on and had to come back to slot him in. I think that’s the third week I’ve done that. SIGN.) that was apparently breaking away from the crooning big band sound. Wha?

But he had fun and so that was nice to watch. But he’ll go this week.



OK. So Matt Corby is born in 1990. The year I did my HSC (last year of high school, Year 12, whatever is your equivalent for those on the other side of the world). Good Lord.

He did the Phil Collins song Another Day in Paradise. Dare I say, he was a bit boring this week. It was a bit predictable. However, he did his own arrangement, which between him and Ben McKenzie is pretty thin on the ground with the other finalists. I agreed with Dicko’s comments that we’re getting the same energy every week. It’s time to do something a bit different Matt. Those of us older than 18 who are not purely driven by our hormones and daydreaming about how we could possible meet you and make you fall in love with us are getting restless.

Tarisai Vushe is up next. Please Lord, let her not be wearing tight pants.

OK, so Miss Big Note absolutely was firing on all cylinders tonight AND wearing the jeans she’d have to do up with a coathanger. She was fanbloodytastic. She did the Aretha Franklin Knew you were waiting song. She had fun and it was fun to watch.

It tickles me how Kyle loves her. Tickles. Me.



Mark Holden is clearly losing his mind. Either that or he’s just not getting laid. The man is cranky and making no sense whatsoever.


OH GOD HELP US – Daniel I am a hairy man Misfud is singing Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Can someone please tell me I am not the only one who has moved from not caring about this person to finding them intensely irritating. As Kyle said last week, there’s something about him that he just doesn’t like. That he’s not sure what it is but it’s there. OH I HEAR YA Kyle, I hear ya loud and clear. I just want to take those winkle picker boots off and jab him in the eye with them. HAHA – Dicko just called Daniel doing Michael Jackson like creating the Mona Lisa in felt tip pens. Hilarious.



My bet for the bottom three: Daniel, Carl and Marty.

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October 14th, 2007 at 9:13 pm