Idol ruminations – seventh final

I don’t know what the theme is this week but they seem to have unleashed Mark Holden on the contestants this week. God help them one and all.

Matt Corby‘s first song was lovely but predictable. And Mark H, in a rare moment of clarity, was on the mark when he said that Matt needs to look up from the keyboard – I was only just thinking that through the whole performance last week.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF COMMON SENSE, TiNatalie Gauci-Arena is wearing leggings. LEGGINGS. But man, she was challenging some cranky hell hath no fury vibe. The standing on the piano was lame and only served to heighten the “she’s wearing LEGGINGS”

OH FOR THE LOVE OF A HIGHER BEING, Mark’s crying in the back story for Marty. GGGEEEEESSUUUUZ. Marty Simpson is singing Powderfinger and suddenly I get the feeling that perhaps this guy, the reluctant contestant, is going to be on centre stage at the Opera House. That or just as he’s finally getting it he’ll be ousted.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s disturbing how much I’m liking Kyle and Dicko during this series.

Tarisai – an angry Bratz doll – hehehe. At least the disco wig has gone.

Carl sang another crooner which was fine. Has he dyed his hair?

Wait. That’s it? WTF?

Bloody ARIAs.