Another day another ramble

So in other news, I’ve had Felix at home for two days with some gastro bug that is yet to reign down on this house in all its glory.
Because gastro in a house of six is something I’ve basically been sitting and waiting around for.
He went to school today and I let him wear sneakers with his uniform.
Because I just with the tears and the parental tones that would have followed had I said no.
Yup, the pinnacle of parenting right here.
I went to the gym tonight. And before you all go all cheer squad on me it was purely because I’ve got weigh in tomorrow and the three day Festival of Jasper followed by some ridiculous calorie intake today for no other reason than I could was enough motivation. G’ah.
Cathy tagged me. Which is kinda funny as her blog is called Srap4U. As in, she’s a scrapbooker and well, we all know what I think about scrapbooking. It’s up there with my opinion of dog lovers or more specifically dog lovers who feel it their right to pass judgement on those of us less enarmoured of such smelly high-maintenance creatures. And people who post pictures of their cats and think it’s legitimate blogging. I’m not holding it against her. Anyway. There’s all manner of ‘rules’ or some such, but basically you’re meant to write something about yourself for each letter of your name. I feel gibbed considering my first name only has three letters, something I’m still smarting about when it comes to what my parents chose to call me.

K is for kicking, which generally involved ball skills, of which I have very few.
I is for impression of which I have been told I tend to leave wherever I go.
M is for motivation of which I have in droves. It’s just implementation I find tiresome.

E is for energetic – which many people think I am and yet I am probably the laziest person I know.
L is for lazy – see above.
I is for idealist – I still don’t see why we can’t live in a world where no-one gets left behind and curiosity outweighed fear.
Z is for zebras, which are apparently impossible to tame which is why no people in Africa every domesticated them. Which also made me sit through Racing Stripes wondering if that was just a painted pony Hayden Panettiere was riding.
A is for appetite – of which mine seems chronically insatiable.
B is for bum or butt – one area of my body classified as ‘small’.
E is for editing, something I adore doing but when I think about it do very little and should probably do a lot more of when it comes to my blog.
T is for time, something I find goes either too slowly or too fast or at least never how I want it to.
H is for honesty, something I hold in very high regard… and hunger, which I find highly over-rated.

and Blackbird did one a few days (weeks?) back which I also liked. My blog as food.

A – apples. As in pies, crumbles, stuffed with brown sugar and sultanas and baked. Apparently you can just eat them fresh but they are so much more delicious cooked with sugar and butter. Oh, and Apricots – dried, soaked, stewed and served on creamed rice. Apparently these come fresh too but after one too many over ripe or furry feeling experiences I’m sticking with what I adore – dried ones. And not the dried whole ones, bleuch. They have to be large, apricot halves. Oh, and alcohol. Mmmm alcohol.
L – is for low fat. A concept so horrible let it not be said above a whisper for fear it will take hold.
L – lemons and limes, two ingredients I could (and normally do) use every day.
C – is for chocolate, something I can give or take. When I feel like it I can consume it in vast quantities, but otherwise? M’eh. Current favourite is Green & Black’s Maya Gold which is only because I can’t seem to get its cherry, hazelnut and raisin or butterscotch here. Sigh.
O – is for organic. Which I kinda like as a principal.
N – is for Nana’s Tomato Relish. The recipe for which she refused to relinquish until she had done so herself, which meant I was given the recipe this week. Oh how she must have laughed and laughed from her grave on my first attempt.
S – is for sugar. Turner of all things good into better.
U – is for my ultimate dining experience. It’d feature (in no particular order and – obviously – not all in one dish) unlimited Piper Heidsieck champagne, oysters, fresh figs, rhubarb, goats cheese, pastry in as many of its guises as possible and raspberries.
M – is for meat, something I’m not that fussed about.
I – is for icing, something I adore.
N – is for nachos, something I confess to having quite a hankering for more often than I care to think about or admit.
G – is for green, of which I love nearly everything – green beans, peas, snow peas, broad beans, zucchini, green herbs, Asian greens (although bok choy makes me gag), silverbeet, English spinach (which I’m eating more of and gagging less on) and on and on it goes…