An update of sorts

Hi everyone!
How is everyone doing. What’s been happening? Plans for Christmas?
I have me a case of the melancholies people. Like the rage has abated and been replaced with, well, melancholy.
I have a much cleaner house with a lot less clutter.
The weather is such I can hang washing on the line once more so the indoor washing drying frames that we’ve all had to walk around, continually move to come in and out the back door for the last few months have been put away.
These things should make for a much happier me.
But instead I’m chewing on the more mundane unavoidable realities of my world, which of course equate to the mindnumbing repetition of parenting a toddler, the limited options due to when the next feed is due for a newborn and money. Or the lack thereof.
I don’t want to go into it.
It bores me to tears. It makes me angry. It makes me feel trapped and hopeless.
And I know money should not do this.
I know I should not let money do this.
Normally it’s those with lots of money who say those types of things isn’t it. The squillionaires who say money can’t buy you happiness or love.
Yeah, whatever.
Wouldn’t it be great to have options. I mean really have options, as opposed to choices on a sliding scale of shitty to in-the-shitter.

To all of you out there reading The Secret and composing a comment about asking, believing and receiving just shove it up your clacker now to save me the time later.