All quiet on the online front

It’s like Sydney during APEC. Abandoned streets, ugly barbed wire fencing everywhere and not a soul to be seen.

I’ve been thinking this for weeks. Along with the funky fug many of us have been experiencing, it seems people’s commenting capabilities have dwindled as well.

I know. Because I’ve been doing it too. Lurking more, saying less. Not because I don’t like what I’m reading or don’t have anything to say (haha.hahahahahaha) but just because.

I know. Because is not an answer.

And just when I have a day of being out all day and get home with a little quickening of the heart as to the excitement of a full inbox, I get in and find not one comment. Not one.

And then I see that yesterday was some sort of annual delurking day that I just kinda missed. And Blackbird got 102 comments. OVER ONE HUNDRED COMMENTS.

I am chuffed if I ever get to double digits that don’t include my own responses.

So here I sit. Just talking to myself.

My toe hurts.

I really feel like chocolate.

Wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow.


Oooo, So you think you can dance is on…