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Is anyone else just about demented by the amount of spam email they receive?

And I quote:

Subject: Due to the improved flavour and texture, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me
Content: Are you about to give up the fight for your bigger orgasm and greater ejaculation? STOP, there’s a solution now!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience Nicholas Pierce but we’ve just had our FOURTH child which indicates:
a) we’ve never had issues that require ‘greater ejaculation’
b) we’re never having sex again so move on by

To Lucile, Franklin, Estelle, Buddy, Anita and Trey thank you but no, we don’t need any viagra, even if it is only $2.01 a pill (is that really the market value of an orgasm?).

A special shout-out to Preston O’Connell and Osvaldo Herron for providing great testimonials for MegaDik but again, see explanation above and the last time I looked (which granted was some time back) that dangly thing between my husband’s legs was a penis, also known as a dick. I hate nothing more than poor spelling, even if it is in spam. However, with names like those you could possibly have a career on Australian Idol.

To Quinn, Chang, Rita, Noemi, Bernadine, Clarice, Willis and Vito – I have no idea why we need Adobe anything and it really doesn’t matter how large the text you type it in, CAPS or no caps, you’re never going to get anything from me.

To Guarang and Anne, I’m so sorry I didn’t review whatever it was you wanted me to review by Wednesday. I’ve been pretty busy over here doing things like, you know, living.

Dear Collette Peck and James Purvis you are so generous to offer me some cash for fun but gambling makes me all hot and my neck itch.

If anyone is interested Warren James Jewelers needs an executive trustee for an online business opratunity, whatever that may be. Call Brian in HR:
Brian Johnson
Human Resource Manager
Warren James Jewelers
7 Mersey ways,
Stockport, Cheshire

Written by allconsuming

September 2nd, 2007 at 6:27 pm