Internet shout-out

I’m wondering if anyone knows what I’m talking about when I say old fashioned pineapple tarts. You know the sort. The ones that old fashioned cake shops used to make and would sit in their quaint glass cabinets next to the neenish tarts and marzipan frog tarts? The ones with pineapple in the bottom, moch cream and passionfruit icing?
I need a recipe for them.
I know it appeared in a Gourmet Traveller in 1989 because when it comes to Gourmet Traveller and Vogue Entertaining and Travel I have an almost photographic memory of which year a cover appeared in. I did own it until in a (stupid) fit of idiocy I turfed my entire collection from 1988 in a house move. Now I have VE&Ts back to then (thank you eBay) but not the Gourmets.
I’m guessing the pineapple is just crushed pineapple in syrup rather than natural juice that has the juice reduced down. And I could probably wing it with the icing, but would really love a recipe all the same.
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?