Idol ruminations – second final ousting

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Hand up if you were surprised at the inclusion of Marty Simpson? Oh dole bludgers hanging out at Erina Fair how you surprise me so. I thought you would have been massively texting his name in all day long. Oh single mums in Ettalong. Too busy watching the Emmys Red Carpet to care? Anyway, he is safe for another week.

The guy has sung the same British rock pop every single week and Dicko called his bluff. That and he was wearing what looked like a very uncomfortable trench coat. Done up. Indoors. Under TV lights.

Well, last night she played the sympathy card and then tried to take it back. Apparently she’s deaf in one ear. But deaf or not, she was pitchy and she’s GAWN. While I’m kinda sad because I like her, the competition was eating her alive. Now she can go back to doing her folksy thing in kooky clothes and have her own – albeit small – adoring fan base to entertain.

Written by allconsuming

September 17th, 2007 at 10:42 pm