Idol ruminations – first final ousting

The bottom three

Briana Carpenter. Not surprising considering her performance, but she was the highest scoring of the three. To which I say ‘phew’.

Holly Wienert. Again, not surprising as she chose a song that was pretty rock-intense and not well known. She also looked like Bette Midler as Pink which was unfortunate.


OK, so that was a bit unfair

Lana Kroft. Not surprising as la petite souris* is in the WRONG COMPETITION. Sometimes this happens. People thinking they are trying out for the school talent quest end up on a national TV program as the personification of a possum on the Parkway in headlights.

The fact the result saw the departure of Holly – who then sang the equivalent of ‘you can all go and get fucked’ – means the ongoing survival of Cosette in the competition.

It’s now bordering on crimes against musical humanity.

* that’s mouse in French. I know. I looked it up.