Blackbird is home early and Youngest has to go to hospital. She’s been on my mind ever since I read her update informing us all as such.
Then today I get ‘the’ call from the Children’s Hospital. Oscar has hit the top of the list and they have a spot next Friday for him to go in, have a general and to get any dental work done that needs doing.
This is necessary as his teeth are appalling and even a dentists chair almost makes Oscar vomit in fear and anxiety, so actually doing anything to or in his mouth is in the land of FREAKOUT noone needs to experience.
He’s going to need braces eventually and I can see the ENTIRE time they are on his teeth being one of a diet of soft food and smoothies as Oscar? He who if a band aid is on a finger means the whole arm is no longer of any use? Will be in an island annexed by the land of FREAKOUT the entire time.

Anyway, you kinda know you’re part of a hospital community when you ring back to say yes we will take the spot and the woman on the end of the phone says, “have you had your baby yet?” and you end up in a 25 minute conversation about the family, the baby and life.