seeing as I’m already whinging, Jasper is in one of those phases of not going to bed willingly again. The last two nights I just gave up and once he started falling asleep on me on the lounge took him off to bed. But then last night he woke at midnight just as I was putting Grover down and Chef got home.
“Hello Daddy!”

Then at four this morning, we hear him open his door, register that all is dark and no one is about. Half expect him to go to the freezer and get an ice block but he comes to us instead.
“Hi Mum! Hi Dad!”
Falls over bedroom detritus
Wakes Grover
“awww baybeeeee awake! Hello baybeeeee!”

He is currently walking around in his sleeping bag after climbing out of his cot in it. My negligent parenting will surely result in a big bump on his head anytime soon as he goes arse over tit when he runs out of leg room.