The definition of surprise

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is so dependent on the individual and where their life is at.

For me, surprise at the moment is every morning when I finally muster the energy to move down to the back room. For the last few mornings this has been after the morning school muster has ocurred.

While the house is still, the scenery is anything but.

Yesterday it was evident Jasper had used his extra legs* to explore the tip top of the kitchen bench and found the cool-pack filling of linseeds. I had vague recollections of hearing Chef vacuum at around 7am so knew something must have been bad (as the last incident of Jasper throwing foodstuffs on the floor while on Chef’s watch were raisins and I cleaned them up after three days of waiting for Chef to do so) but they were also lining the kitchen sink resembling some horrendous bug invasion.

Then there was the morning he was on my watch as Chef had taken the other boys to Auskick which is on at fucking-too-early every Sunday morning. I could hear him in the boys room, tried to care about the number of choking hazards he was exposed to, heard the sound of a LOT of balls being rolled down the hall and still just struggled to get into a semi-vertical position. The balls were those tiny magnetic balls from Magnetix – a BLOODY STUPID toy invented CLEARLY by people who are BARREN BY CHOICE and want to punish breeders in the most insidious of ways. I find those little silver balls all over the house regardless of whether the boys have played with them in the previous six months.

Today was the bookshelf.

It’s really quite exciting. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

* a green Ikea kids chair, basically an extension of Jasper’s being. As they were for Oscar and Felix.

Written by allconsuming

August 3rd, 2007 at 12:23 pm