With this story in today’s SMH I rest my case.
Yesterday it rained all day. We sent all boys to bed at 7pm. And they all went.
snigger snigger snigger. Suckers.
Idol was disappointing last night, as to be expected as they try to build tension and anticipation. Don’t they know in this current land of instant gratification they might as well just get on with it and play some more reruns of Seinfeld to fill in the gaps?
Inbetween sending boys to bed at an early hour and Australian Idol some very dear friends of our came over with a friend from Germany who’s staying with them at the moment.
There was champagne, white wine and red wine.
There was a lot of laughter, a lot of catching up on each other’s news and a lot of indoor handball.
There was homemade leek, potato and bacon soup, banana bread (which they brought – how generous and absolutely lovely) and Suse’s ABSOLUTELY BLOODY DELICIOUS walnut cinnamon syrup cake, (which by the way I made with pecans and worked a treat).
I also made Suse’s Sourdough as rolls to have with the soup. I noticed the German* had it with thick butter and extra salt. A woman after my own heart.

* It sounds so rude calling her “the German” as she was absolutely lovely and pretty but you know, she is German.
SO, Idol was on tonight as well and we were told the Top 24. I’d tell you who they are – there were quite a few from my guess list yesterday but the Idol site, in its continued uselessness is not updated yet. Idiots.
It was also seriously annoying they didn’t show the solo performances unless they were in – and even then only showed snippets of them.
Yesterday’s show was completely wasted – tonight’s show should have been cut across both nights with more of the solo performances given an airing.