Release the valves or she’s gonna blow!

My boobs are still out.of.control.
I knew you were all wondering.
I just expressed breast milk as Grover did a 5 hour stint and then the almost most piss weak feed on record. The worst was earlier today.
I think.
It now seems so long ago.
And I got just over 100mls (that’s almost 4oz for those of you in the land of red,white and blue. And I don’t mean the French).
Without even trying.
I had the ultrasound of the boobages today as well, after that week back there I convinced myself I had inflammatory breast cancer. (Weird pigmentation of breast – check, shooting pains through breast – check, itchy nipples – check, running a fever irrespective of antibiotics – check, swollen lymph glands – check)
I am so ashamed but it was strangely pleasurable.
In that the boobages are so fucking sore, and those long downward movements of the sonographythingy sort of gave relief.

And I didn’t shoot the sonographer in the eye.

She said she couldn’t see anything but the consulting physician would look at them and write up the report, which I could collect in an hour.
I forgot.

And tonight, I got the chills and shivers (and now the sweats) once more.
In other news, last night’s dinner was a complete debacle.
So tonight, I re-engineered the left-overs (almost all of it) into a delicious salad.
I know!
The boys had a choice of mixed baby herb mesclun mix or English spinach (which I can’t stand. It tastes so metallic and if you chew it too long it just clumps at the back of your throat. GAG.), couscous (one of my most favourite foods in the world), and the warmed leftovers of baked chicken, veggies with some of the ‘gee that’s thin’ gravy mixed through it.
I made a honey and mustard dressing thanks to Jamie Oliver’s first book which was an absolute sensation.
Last night redeemed – check.