Idol rumminations night three

OK, so despite the depressive news that one of the chicks who didn’t deserve to get through did on the state and sympathy vote, all by the light of a blood moon, tonight was the second group of six guys.

Mark Da Costa did some rocker thing. It was good, but you know just not my thing. Next.





I kinda love Ben McKenzie because he’s not particularly cool, he has pimples and he has a good voice and confidence in himself. He sang Mad World from Donnie Darko and I’m just not going to really like any other version. I really hope he gets through




Again, unfortunate to have braces while getting your break on national tele. Didn’t really do anything for me with his U2 cover.





I went to school with a guy called Christopher M. He had crazy eyes and a brutal temper. I genuinely believe he had ADD at a time it was just said he was a ‘kid who couldn’t sit still’. Anyway, this guy immediately reminded me of him. Seems like the nicest guy and can sing, but does nothing for me in any way. HE then chose a John Farnham song, which really. I know the population is aging but dude, the grannies don’t vote.



Lyall Adonis got scared and it fell flat. The end.

Hopeless confession time… I had to record most of these because we were out looking at the red moon. And I was sure I heard them say Lyall was last… so I haven’t heard Marty yet.



Marty Simpson is channelling Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter and the John Butler Trio and is a cutie. I so hope his performance rocked. To be updated.