Idol rumminations night four

Ok so this:

(Ben McKenzie)

and this:


(Marty Simpson)

Go someway to redeem this:


(Cosette Lana Kroft)

Tonight was a bit like last night for me. Meh. Except for this:


Brianna Carpenter. I know, I’m so predictable. But I love it all. The kookiness, the shiny shiny hair, the short fringe, the crazy outfits, the voice. The whole package pushes all my buttons. I thought she was too camp at the very end but I’m putting that down to nerves and probably sheer relief it was over. She’s unique and she can sing. The end.



Sarah Lloyde is so old school Idol but I think she actually did really well. I was kinda surprised how much I enjoyed her song and how wrong I thought Mark Holden was. (Is that man not a complete and utter wanker?) (apologies re the pic – I realised today I had the wrong blond chick here.)



Rosie Ribbons apparently came sixth on UK Idol. Sixth. A long way from first. Boring. Too old. Too predictable. She’ll carve out a living doing the RSL circuit. Next.




Holly Weinert was a pretty of a surprise. In that she was good. She is good mates with Jesse Curran and Jesse always seemed the stronger, until the other night when she did this shrill attempt at a U2 song which was almost excruciating to watch. So Holly coming onstage and rockin’ it out was a very pleasant surprise. She won’t get through though.




Morgan Hosking is the token goth on the show. Tonight was almost unbearable. Worst performance of all so far. Which you know, isn ‘t the best trophy to be taking home. For starters she seemed to need to be put on bloat alert. Her publicity shot looks hot and tonight she looked frumpy and lame. Bad song choice and poorly executed. She should have come out grungier singing Nirvana, or the Cranberries, or anything but Alanis.



Madison Pritchett. Who knows. Was standard Idol fodder. Not quite sure why she was here. Almost forgot she’d even performed. Next!