Idol rumminations night five

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So yey yey yey for this:

Brianna Carpenter and all her crazy cookiness.
Holly Weinert and her unexpected performances

I’m still smarting about Cosette Lana getting in. That place belonged the Cheray all.the.way.

But a massive ‘what the!?!’ to the wildcard selections.
Daniel Misfud I expected (and thank goodness his hair was normal tonight).
Carl Riseley I’m thrilled about.
Dave Andrews I will never ever understand.
Husny was a surprise.
Johnny Jack Diesel Da Costa was Mark’s pick and that figures. 1980s rock. Snore.
Jack was also a surprise and I am of little opinion about his inclusion or exclusion.
I can NOT believe and am so disappointed Marcia chose Tina Arena Kate Cebrano Natalie Gauci over Cheray. But she did. Get ready for the predictable ballads. Snore.
Sarah actually put in a good performance last night but she’s everything about Idol I detest. The blonde ‘do’, the fake nails, the trashy clothes.

From that four I pick Daniel, Carl, and then I don’t know. Correction. I just don’t care. It could be Mark, it could be Tinatalie, it might be Sarah or I might be shocked by Australia again and see Husny in the Top 12.

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August 30th, 2007 at 9:55 pm

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