excitement and anticipation

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Chef went for an interview today at a place with a really good reputation which is offering an excellent salary and share in profits.
It would be a big exciting challenge for him if he gets it – a team of 7 chefs under him, two dinner sittings and a changing dinner menu that he has the create every night.
The interview went really well – he was with them for almost an hour. There were people and places on his CV that they knew so it was great to have some common ground.
They said they were very impressed with his cover letter. Which I wrote.
He’s just sent me a text saying ‘guess who came in for dinner tonight’.
The two who interviewed him.
I asked if they came and said hi or if they were trying to be incognito.
He said one of them came in to the kitchen after they’d eaten to tell him everything was amazing.
So he went out and had a chat to them. They’d ordered heaps and shared it between the two of them.
They used words like amazing, fantastic, I think a stunning even was used.
They said it was similar to what they do and how well they think he’d fit in.
I’m so proud of Chef right now I think my chest might explode.
They said they’d call him tomorrow.
At this point I would like thank all of you who did think of him or say a prayer for him.
He sounds so excited.
We shall see.
In other news, Mum is home.
They finally released her at about 7.30 tonight.
I think they were worried she’d had a heart attack. Anyway, she looks completely wrecked. After making her a poached egg on toast and a cup of tea I’ve sent her off to have a bath and go to bed.
I know this is not about me, but after having both of my parents in hospital within three days of each other, I’m feeling kinda emotionally wrecked myself.
I fell asleep sitting upright on the lounge this afternoon while Jasper sat mesmerised by the Teletubbies, a creation I’ve only just exposed him to in the last few days.
When they appear he just stops wherever he is and whatever he is doing and watches the entire show from that position.
Seriously, yesterday he stood rooted to the spot for the.entire.episode.
So I guess falling asleep while he was watching that was a safe bet.
I also just let the Thomas DVD keep looping because there was no way I could have managed a Toot-Toot tantrum this afternoon.
I believe I’ve now seen Henry bricked up in that tunnel about 25 times because he was afraid of ‘a few drops of rain’.
And I am still wondering why the Fat Controller’s doctor forbid him to push or pull.
Lazy sod.
Jasper got a hair cut yesterday and Felix got a trim. Photos to come sometime in the next few months.
I bought a potato ricer.
That’s right.
I’m quite tempted to just cook up some potatoes now to see how well it works.
I’ve only recently bought a potato masher as before that I did it in the whizz because I liked that silken goopy type mash it becomes in a blender but that is apparently a complete nono.
It’s exciting isn’t it?
That might be a pictorial post – Kim uses a potato ricer for the first time ever!
Take that all you bloggers who post pictures of your cats.

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August 29th, 2007 at 9:56 pm