Dreams and desires*

In the latest edition of either Gourmet Traveller or VE&T was a brochure for a furniture company that doesn’t have a store in Sydney. Idiots.
BUT, it is the stockist for some furniture after which I am now lusting quite inappropriately. It was something about a Walt Disney Collection. Not of characters but the man himself.

Pieces like this:
You can choose fabrics for the cushion, back cushion and frame. Nice.

Or this one:
It’s called an occasional chair, as if it would just be sitting somewhere in your house where if the need arose, you could just park yourself to gather your thoughts.

The dining suite is not quite hitting the mark, but I see images like this and swoon. Just a little. It’s the tapering of the legs, the brushed nickel on the feet and the seats that nail it for me really.
That glass cabinet is not really my style for a number of reasons – 1. I don’t own any homewares worthy of being on display. In a class cabinet. 2. I have four boys. 3. I have a very poor track record when it comes to dusting.

In other news, I’ve found a new(ish) mag that satiates my need for international news and current affairs with some style stuff thrown in. I’d quite like this:
It probably costs about three grand, but there you go.

I’m so bored with this post now.

* of a purely materialistic kind.