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First, an update on my dad. He has broken a few ribs – I think I did actually know this but you know yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster and it just got lost in the wash. He didn’t have the best night in hospital, but who does. He’s sat up twice and stood once. If he can stand unaided by the end of today then he can go home.

But it did confirm a thought I’d been having since, oh, about a month after Bec and I initially started blogging over on Glamorouse. After the first call yesterday I didn’t think once about all the morally questionable and other dubious actions of my father over the years. All I could think of was that I couldn’t imagine my world without him in it.
So – with apologies to all of you who read me via bloglines or some other whizz bang technological alarm clock, I will be going back through all my posts and editing the ones that talk about people in an unflattering light.
I know you all know what I mean.
I also know the more mature amongst you are probably deeply relieved I have had this coming of age.
I guess it was something I always planned to do before they retired and perhaps got to work out what this whole crazy internet concept was. This incident has just cemented for me to do it with a greater sense of urgency.
Some posts will simply be removed and saved offline as my own private momento of a time if you will, but most will just be tweaked.
So again, apologies to the blogliners, it’s going to seem like I’m being quite prolific. Look on it as a chance to either ignore me or take a walk down memory lane.
Onto something that can almost take my mind off anything:
My initial thoughts were that considering they were the first group up, they managed their nerves well and there was only one really cringe-worthy moment, which didn’t even involve singing but we’ll get to that.
I thought the best were Matt and Carl
Matt Corby was up first. A tough gig for anyone let alone a guy who is only 16. He sang Stevie Wonder’s I Wish and it was pretty darn good considering those mitigating factors. But you know what I learnt in those few broadcast journalism classes I took as part of my communications degree (before the morbidly obese head of school who’d had stomach bypass surgery that failed because he kept on eating regardless told me I had a great face for radio)? Never wear anything that distracts viewers from what you are saying (or in this case, performing). The scarf was really irritating and so big! I mean, you know it’s not chilly on set under all those lights so it just seemed ridiculous. But I can never get past this kids hair. From my recollections, when I was 16, every 16 year old boy I knew just had that weird schoolboy smell. You know the one – a mix of smelly footy socks and rotting apple cores. Matt has hair that is coiffed. And it was before he was on the show. As a woman who is currently averaging getting shampoo anywhere near her head once a week, he puts me to shame.
I do hope he gets through.

Carl Riseley is 24 and a sailer who plays the trumpet.
The end.
No seriously, in his tryout he had this timbre in his voice that was as if he was channeling Harry Connick Jnr. He has the least vocal training of everyone and I was really really hoping his nerves didn’t get the better of him last night. They were noticeable but he really held it together and gave a great performance. he also looked the more normal (read: I am so getting old).
Again, I so hope he gets through.

Daniel Misfud’s performance of a Diesel song fell flat. It was, as Mark said, underwhelming. As it should. I mean seriously, if you’re singing Diesel you have to sell it. I really liked this guy in his audition but there seems to be this cockiness about him now that is already starting to irritate. He also had incredibly high hair last night. And a scarf. To sing Diesel. Seriously, he shouldn’t have showered in a couple of days and gargled gravel if he wanted to have carried that one off.

Juniot To’o did a boring rendition of rockin’ Pink’s Dear Mr President. He’ll have a great career as a Rugby League player.

Jacob Butler is just a cutie and was so nervous it was endearing. He did Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars and did it well considering how nervy he looked beforehand. Dicko nailed it though when he said Jacob was the most unsure and self-doubting of the entire bunch. And you know it’s funny isn’t it. The guy has got to the final 24 from thousands who auditioned. If you can’t just grab the proverbial bull by the horns off that alone then he’s going to be eaten alive.

Which brings us to Pirate Boy:
Husny Thalib did his own arrangement of Lenny Kravitz’s If you can’t say no. Of all the finalists he had the best if at times startling stage presence (there was a weird reverse hip grind where he stuck his butt out which kinda made me jump. And feel strangely uncomfortable.) and really was committed to singing the song the way he wanted to. With PB it is really going to just comes down to whether you like him or not. That said, the channelling Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow has nailed him a career in the media somewhere.

Tonight it’s the chicks and we get to hear if Jesse’s voice is all her boyfriend says its cracked up to be.
And as us Sydneysiders ‘brace’ (PULLEEEESE) ourselves for the arrival of all these very important people for APEC, isn’t this a great headline (and what a sensible idea) from today’s SMH:

Greens keen to cage Bush, not Sydney

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