A word for those feeling like having another baby

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10.06pm – wakes for feed
11.11pm – back to bed, me to bed
1.11am – up for feed
2.27am – put him back in bed regardless of his remarkably AWAKE state
3.48am – awake, not hungry, screaming
4.13am – screaming, no apparent reason, won’t feed
5.32am – Jasper wakes up, climbs out of cot, wails up hallway for DADDEEEEEE who is not FUCKING waking up.
5.33am – entire family awake,Grover cries, thinks better of it
6.something – up for feed, rejects it, screams instead
7.30 – still awake, screaming seems like a good idea
8.30 – Chef and three boys flee house. Baby still screaming.
8.33 – try feeding, screaming finally beaten
9 – bed
10 – awake
11 – bed
12 – awake
2.17-2.25 – let him cry in cot, pick up once.
2.58 – crying. AGAIN. Can.NOT.go.up.there.AGAIN. Back is about to break. Spirit broke at around 3am.
3pm – seems to have gone back to sleep.

*UPDATE* not sleeping, just had monitor on low.
Screaming now. The baby that is.

Written by allconsuming

August 24th, 2007 at 3:55 pm