I think this is the first time I’ve actually been tagged … thanks Joanne!

There are rules with this meme but I mean, COME ON, we’re all so compliant aren’t we. I mean, who will punish? reprimand? penalise if I didn’t list them. So I’m not going to. Call me lazy recalcitrant anarchistic (and I promise my penchant for strike through will pass soon. Maybe.) But it’s all about eight random facts or habits.

1. I have an addiction to films like:
Adaptation – there’s a scene near the start, where Nicholas Cage is procrastinating from writing and OMG it was basically my own internal dialogue with myself that I almost wet my pants laughing the first time I saw it. Chef was all “what? what?” and then, when the penny dropped he was all “so that’s what goes on in your head when you’re procrastinating out of writing an article.” Yes, yes it is.)
I heart Huckabees – could Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin be any better?
Stranger than fiction – I am now obsessed with the coffee/cake shop look and feel that Maggie Gyllenhaal works in and that at some point in my life I will have/own/work in something similar.
Napoleon Dynamite – when E and I started working together I knew we would get on, but it was her recommendation of this movie (along with exposing me to GFY) that cemented the fact we will always be friends.
Little Miss Sunshine – I know it’s all kinda obvious, but this movie just tickles me.
The Royal Tenenbaums
Please note, some people would put Magnolia and Lost in Translation in this genre, or at least say “oh, if you like those you’ll like these,” but no, that is not the case.

2. I absolutely love making desserts and sweet things, but am finding a new enjoyment in the world of savoury, particularly dinners that are nutritious, (relatively) quick and tasty (of course). Any ideas or recipe sharing is more than welcome!

3. I would love to live in Canada.

4. While I always wanted a big family, sometimes I feel more like I’m living in a dorm than a home. You know the drill, that no-one else picks anything up off the floor, no-one takes out the rubbish/recycling without being asked, no-one empties the dishwasher or turns it on when it’s full, everyone leaves the bathmat on the floor so it never dries out and towels on their bedroom floor. I know this will only grow exponentially as our house is filled with four teenage boys (while on the flip side I can’t wait for this time filled with big lolloping boys and their friends eating me out of house and home and filling it with strange unplaceable smells that once are gone in many years I won’t miss one jot.)

5. I’m very particularly with how the dishwasher is stacked. Yes, this is just one small mirror to my OCD tendencies, but in truth it’s because our dishwasher is crap-lazy and if you so much as put anything resembling a plate or bowl on the top rack it won’t wash anything on the upper level. I also hate anyone doing my washing for me. Or hanging it out.

6. For over a year there have been seven blogs I read/check every single day. I don’t even know some of their names and yet call them friends and talk about them and their stories in my ‘real’ world. In the last month that daily list has blown-out to about 14. This is dangerous as it takes up a fair bit of time (that should probably be spent cleaning or working on my first attempt at a book) but also because it tends to laden me with self-doubt about my own writing, life and place in the blogging world.

7. I find grocery shopping deeply therapeutic and relaxing. Except if I’m doing it with children or partner in tow. They all start failing when there’s about three isles to go and that just shits me.

8. My favourite colour is green.

I’m meant to tag others but doing so makes me nervous and I also get all unreasonable, paranoid, dejected and questioning when people I tag don’t do it. Apart from that it seems every blog I read daily has been doing it so there’s no-one really left for me to tag. And yet I love it if anyone tags me. Go figure.