Unseen friends

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This web thing is a weird beast in that you become friends with people you’ve never met and sometimes don’t even know their real name. There are those (like Chef) who think all of this is just gross self-indulgence and worthy of eye-rolling so dramatic its a miracle eyeballs don’t go bouncing across the floor.

But for me, I know that writing here and forming friendships are a major part in keeping me (relatively) sane. It’s all based on cognitive theory but lets just say, friendships have formed that I value and treasure.

Which leads me to a moment of gloating. Because this wonderful woman (who doesn’t post nearly enough to satiate my probably unhealthy addiction to her life) sent Grover not one but two (T.W.O.!) gifts that smell all smokey from her fireplace. So not only does our newest little fella have presents made by the gift-giver, they are laden with the smells of her world. You can go here and here (it’s the one in second pic I think, or at least made of similar coloured wool) to see what she gave him and how they’ve just made me grin like a Cheshire cat ever since.

Written by allconsuming

July 21st, 2007 at 11:53 pm

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