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What a hellfest it’s been over here.
I finally got to the doctors today after spending most of Monday (until Chef had to go to work and I had to take boys to soccer, make dinner, pretend to care etc) in bed and yesterday moping with killer lower abdominal and back pain, burning boobs and a m.i.g.r.a.i.n.e.
Yeah. Like the two itises at the one time didn’t SUCK ENOUGH.
And it’s really shitful trying to treat any of these on drugs that don’t involve codeine. Panadol is for pussies. And not ones with a urethra probably damaged in childbirth. In case you were wondering just where did I find the time to grow a bladder infection.
Anyway, I kinda got spooked when reading a pamphlet on cystitis by one of our State’s health department that said if you are suffering severe lower back and/or abdominal pain, have flu-like aches and pains, the shivers and or a fever then SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Apparently this means whatever’s been having a party in your urethra* is sharing the love y’all! and has invited your kidneys in for cocktails and a boogey. And these symptoms can mean long term damage to your kidneys! Fire! Fire!
Note to self, even though you’re drinking on average two litres of water a day when you’ve just had a baby and lost blood and live with a horde of children that are like walking PETRI dishes of VIRUSES, don’t even bother asking where you found time to foster a bladder infection. Although the extreme chocolate intake and soft drink obsession may have played a major contributing small part.
My laziness crazy brain drug haze talent at breast feeding lying down means the mastitis got a swift kick in the arse on Monday night when I just let the kid hang off it all night. God knows what he did but by close of business yesterday the breast was feeling much better thank you so much for asking.
That said, the antibiotics I’m on for the urethra franklin should clear up any lingering issues for the beasts of burden as well.

AGHHHH. Talking about my bits. Nothing makes me happier.

So really, nothing else is happening. Jasper has become allergic to sleep again and boy OH BOY! aren’t Chef and I just diggin’ the 1.30-3am-ish screamfest he has decided is an ABSOLUTE goer. Or the 45 minute screamfest that must precede any attempt at a daytime nap (NAP! how I smite thee!) or any getting in to the car seat. YUP. That anxiety I had about managing a toddler and a newborn? SO SO SO very justified.

BTW – is anyone else based anywhere else in the world that America majorly pissed at not being able meet up with all your online friends at Blogher? Just losing that chance to run up to Blackbird, squeal in absolute delight, hug and kiss and maybe even lick her, comment on how tiny she is, ask her about some problem I’m having with my blog template, what did she think about the last Harry Potter brick book and how she’d resolve the issues with/in Israel is making me so very very sad.

BTW 2 – does anyone else out there simply not care about the whole Harry Potter phenomenon? Let alone who was freakin’ killed? Sheesh, can you book geeks just go and die somewhere else, some of us have blood in our urine to worry about.

* and yes, I’m having a small competition with myself as to how many times I can mention the word urethra in one post.

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July 25th, 2007 at 10:51 pm

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