For LandR

LandR are two of our bestest friends in the whole wide world. You know the type. The ones you don’t talk to nearly enough, don’t see often enough and always think about. The ones that when you do finally talk and see everything just slots back into place as if only a few days had passed.

LandR are living in the UK at the moment and have been for the last year and a half or so. They’re coming back at the end of this year and I’ve basically been counting down since last Christmas when they told us so.

I was going to post this yesterday but had a good day (a good day!) and time flew with cleaning and eating and feeding and kids. But I hadn’t heard from the LandR team and was actually starting to search the place for their number in the UK. Mum even asked yesterday if we’d heard from them. Then last night? L rang. Yey, yey and more yey. So, these pics are for them – Grover George on Day 10:
L sent this little outfit over for Jasper but he’d outgrown it. So GG gets it. His second completely new outfit. (Mum bought him this divine blue smock that ties with ribbons because ‘that’s all we used to put newborns in’. Of course they did.)

Last night was a shocker with GG only settling on the breast or on me. He ended up in our bed all night. Then Jasper woke at 5. I’ve palmed the older boys off to Chef’s still-sounding-dreadful Mum, feeling ever so slack for doing so and J went down for a morning sleep at 10. GG is finally asleep in his own cot so I am about to go and do the same. Although I’m nervous to do so as I know as soon as my head hits the pillow one of them will surely wake.

K, my midwife, called in yesterday with her son and this amazing chocolate brownie concoction. Maybe I’ll just go and eat the remainder of that instead…
This was a fortuitous choice as both boys woke soon after. The wee chap has returned to some semblance of eating normally (as opposed to continuously) so I am off to bed and looking forward to a few days of at least having Chef at home some hours during the day and the bigger boys back to school next Tuesday! Woohoo.
Felix comments of late:
“Do they get in the way? Your boobs. The way they hang down like that.”

“Are you watching this?” (the tv) “Can I turn it off because it’s really annoying.”
Oh yes my beautiful boy, you can turn it off.

Jasper comments of late:
Mine – best said with a gutteral bats screaming through the gates of hell tone
(patting my boobs) wee wee (me – no, they’re boobies) boobeeeeees

Oscar comments of late:
(when referring to Grover) Nooo Gaga (new Grover) and so Grover, who I thought we’d all call GG has become New Grover, as Felix is WaaWaa and Jasper is MaMa.
Note to self, movies NOT to watch soon after giving birth or when lactating:
Lorenzo’s Oil