And now we are six

Here is… Grover George

Born: 3am, 2 July 2007
Weight: 4.545kg (10pd 1oun)
Length: 58cm
Head circumference: 37.5cm

So much to tell. Am home (clearly) but have one new son and one very sick one (Oscar) who’s been at hospital with suspected pneumonia (it isn’t, just a severe upper respiratory infection) so must away.

Will update in due course.

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  • BreadBox

    Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful baby — welcome to the blogosphere, little one!


  • BreadBox

    Best of luck with Oscar, too…


    He’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. Must have been the extra cooking time!

    Thinking of you and Oscar especially, and hoping you are soon home with your four boys and big man, safe and sound.

    Clever, clever girl.

  • daysgoby


    Poor, poor Oscar, unable to enjoy his bootiful brother…

    Welcome, little one!

    Kim, he’s magnificent! Don’t you make gorgeous babies!

  • MsCellania

    Congratulations, Kim and Family, on Grover’s arrival.
    Get Well FAST! to Oscar.

  • Krista

    What a whopping, gorgeous little BIG man!! And a fourth boy. WOW. Just so thrilled and excited for you. Hi Grover, welcome to the world you wonderful little thing.
    I’m so sorry about Oscar and will be checking for updates to see that he’s well, like mad. Poor little thing, and damn the timing.
    Sending healing, loving thoughts and wishes to you all. What a mixed bag of emotions and thoughs you must be having.
    Enjoy your beautiful baby, Kim and try to let others be there for Oscar as much as possible! Don’t exhaust yourself even though it’s hard not to when someone you love is sick!

  • Badger

    Oh! He is beautiful! And he weighs exactly what I did at birth, how funny!

    Hope Oscar is on the mend soon, poor kid.

    So happy for you!!

  • meggie

    Welcome Little Grover! So beautiful!
    Health vibes for Oscar.
    Be well Kim, & congratulations, you clever girl!

  • Matthew

    Congratulations Kim, Chef and family – what a beautiful little boy.

    All the best for the big boy getting better!

    Can stop pinging your site every few minutes now I guess – we’ve been hanging for the news here in London.

  • Jonathan

    Congratulations – glad you’re both well.

    Now go rest, show off, fall out with your family, and everything else that is expected.

  • blackbird


    Gorgeous Grover George –
    thoughts and prayers to dear Oscar and you too…

    10 pounds!

  • sueeeus

    What a big beautiful boy! Congratulations! And I hope Oscar is well soon.

  • h&b

    He *is* gorgeous.

    Hope Oscar is home soon to enjoy his new brother …

    Take care of yourself !!

  • Blue Moon Girl

    Just gorgeous! Congratulations to all! He weighs what I did when I was born too! And he’s just a bit longer than I was!

    I hope that Oscar gets better soon. I also hope that you’re all allowed some time to enjoy your family in peace.

  • Shannon

    Hello baby!! Love your name…

  • BabelBabe

    oh my god, four boys! I hope to follow in your footsteps, frankly, come february. Congrats, and thinking of you, the wee little new one, and of course poor sick Oscar.

  • Anonymous

    congratulations what a beautiful boy. Hope Oscar is well soon.

    cheers Lenny

  • Em

    Gorgeous, gorgeous boy! Congratulations to you all!!! And please get well soon Oscar!

  • shula

    did I just hear you say 101b 1oz?!


    Amen, anyway.

  • joanne

    Wow congratulations! Love his name and so glad you posted so quickly after his arrival – sure I wasnt the only one waiting …Get well Oscar and rest up – ten pounds – LLLOoooorrdddddddddddddyy you are one hell of a baby maker!!! Congrats again!

  • nutmeg

    Here to echo all the previous comments! Congratulations to you and your family Kim – it’s always a day maker seeing a healthy new one enter the world (and here’s to a quick recovery for Oscar).

  • Stomper Girl

    Welcome Grover. What a little spunk!! Ouch to 10lbs, Kim, you are a hero. Congratulations to you all.

    And sending get well vibes to Oscar too.

  • Suse

    Welcome little one!

    Love to you and all your menfolk.

  • My float

    Congratulations Kim.

    May he bring you a lifetime of joy and love.

    And I hope Oscar ges better very quickly, poor little thing. Those infections hurt.

  • Janet

    Congratulations!! and welcome to the world Grover! Oh and he’s beautiful, (insert virtual oohs, ahs and other new baby appreciation sounds)

    hope Oscar has a speedy recovery too!

  • Di

    Congratulations – he’s a cutey – a biggy bit a cutey!! Hope Oscar feel better soon!

  • rivergirlie

    he’s absolutely beautiful – but what a whopper. hope you’re sitting comfortably!!!!

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