While I think of it…

five things I can’t get enough of at the moment:

  1. a decent sourdough w/ a divine extra virgin olive oil, flakes of sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and balsamic vinegar.
  2. spaghetti tossed with oil, garlic, some cherry tomatoes just wilting from the heat and torn basil leaves (hell, they can be cut too, I’m not that freakin’ precious)
  3. my granola. OH MY. With milk, yoghurt (currently on a kick w/ Jalna’s creamy vanilla) and stewed apples or apricots.
  4. that King Island yoghurt. The one w/ cinnamon.
  5. poached eggs.


  1. the black hand-me-down pants from Kill
  2. Chef’s 4XL flannel shirt
  3. Chef’s nightshirt
  4. my new birkenstocks. with socks.
  5. the bed socks I bought at Woollies, that are criminally soft and comfy.


  1. Jasper’s laughter and incessant babbling. In sentences.
  2. The Killers – Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town. I think I prefer Hot Fuss.
  3. The latest from Powderfinger – Dream Days at the Hotel Existence.
  4. Oscar and Felix bouncing balls in.the.house. All.the.time. Until I confiscated them A.L.L. yesterday. Mwahahaha.
  5. The Wiggles. Yes, Jasper has entered their target market and is addicted.

What are your top five? In any category you wish.

That is all.