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I saw my midwife, she showed me how I can feel where the baby’s head is, which was very cool. It has swung around again, so its back is on the left and legs and arms on the right. Last week it decided to turn the other way with its back on my right, which I found unnerving as it had essentially been in the same position since about 32 weeks.

My carpal tunnel has been driving me nuts and getting worse on an almost daily basis. Somehow I forgot to mention it to K, my midwife (who has been one of my midwives on every pregnancy and this time around, as the hospital has changed its team midwife program, is it, my one and only. In fact, the other week when I asked her when I couldn’t have this baby – as she would be on an RTO or away etc – she informed me that while they are rostered on one weekend a month, she was delivering this baby so it didn’t matter. How cool is that. ) last week, so today it was top of mind.

Anyway, I now have splints for both hands. I spent the better part of an hour in the plaster room at the hospital, one of Syndey’s biggest and busiest public teaching hospitals, sitting opposite a guy with a whopping huge stitched gash on his arm (as in it ran from half way down his upper arm, across the inside of his elbow joint half way down the inner part of his forearm) that looked like some weird homage to Zorro that – as an added bonus – was quite infected. Bleuch.

So as I sit here, with raging heartburn in Chef’s nightshirt as it’s about the only thing that fits, I’m preparing to don my splints and complete my fast-track to geriatricdom.

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June 14th, 2007 at 12:18 am

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